What we offer to our friends

Listed below is a number of services that our team has put together for you; this is done with an intention and hope that atleast one of them should be what you need to stay on your track. 

Online Sessions

We offer unlimited sessions anonymously and with friends of the platform through scheduled appointments related to mental health and wellness. 

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Services Directory

Our team keeps and updates a directory of services related to health, wellness and employment for the benefit of our friends.

Express Yourself

We define self-expression as expressing one's thoughts and feelings, and these expressions can be accomplished through words, choices or actions.
- Kim & Ko (2007)

About Us

In a world made up of 7 billion people, We are a group of people who have decided to come together and form a family that will seek to assist all our friends achieve their greatest effectiveness. The vent family is made of people who have achieved in education, family and above all, working towards their mental health. 

The Benefit of working with us

Ethics & Privacy
Development & Growth

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